About Us - Kathleen Tetzlaff & Sumptuous Soaps

How It All Started

In 2000, I (Kathleen Tetzlaff) saw a book at the library on making soap with vegetable oils. I loved chemistry in school, so I picked it up.

I made a batch for my family, and they were hooked. There was no going back. But the cost for all the ingredients to make sumptuous smelling soaps added up, and my husband had recently lost his job. So the only way I could see sustaining my family's love for the homemade bars of soap was selling soap to others as well.

Selling Journey

My first "market" was in 2001 at the Beasley Coliseum Christmas event. I earned enough to pay for my booth and figured that was a good start as any.

So, the following summer, I started selling at the Moscow Farmer's Market. This was valuable for customer feedback, face to face relationships, as well as enabling me to work from home while I cared for my family.

Now, I am ready for the next step. While I have sold on a website on and off through the years, I am ready to more seriously pursue the eCommerce side of things due to my husband's health. 

Commitment to Purity

We use:

  • Vegetable Oils. Never animal fats.
  • Essential Oils. No artificial fragrances
  • Lots of love and care!