I’ve been an RN, a homeschool mom, a caretaker, and a small business owner. I love researching and finding solutions to problems. I was attracted to soapmaking first because of my love of chemistry.  Then I saw how my family benefited from improved skin health. Now I see that using shampoo bars and solid soaps are a wise environmental decision, eliminating much unnecessary use of plastics, which gives me added motivation to introduce people to my products.


I first made soap because I was intrigued with the idea of making soap out of vegetable oils instead of animal fats and using essential oils instead of fragrance oils. The result was a bar which smelled wonderful even before adding essential oils. Learning about and using essential oils was an adventure in itself, both in creating combinations which were pleasing to the senses as well as healthy for the skin. I brought my soaps to our local farmer’s market which provided wonderful feedback and ideas on a weekly basis, allowing me to tweek my formulas and find out what worked best for people.


I learned to love my solid soap bars, even though I hadn’t been much of a soap fan before discovering healthy handcrafted soaps. But what really got me excited was discovering shampoo bars. Technically they should not be called shampoo at all, because they are not solid shampoo, which would be a detergent based product; rather it is a soap which is formulated to work for hair. The right combination of oils and butters provides a rich stable lather and conditioning all in one. No shampoo bottle to throw away! No conditioner bottle to throw away! No sulfates! No problems with getting your shampoo taken away at airport security! For me personally, and many of my customers, no more itchy scalp! It is a win-win for personal care and environmental care.

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